North York Moors Chamber Music Festival

During August 2019, I had the pleasure of playing at the above chamber music festival. I was invited by the festival’s director, ‘cellist Jamie Walton and he introduced me to an unforgettable institution.

Over the last eleven years, he has expanded the scope and reputation of his festival which now features nine concerts involving twenty-nine artists. I was struck both by the brilliance of the players and equally as memorable, an incredibly warm, positive and integrated feel to the whole institution. Everybody who was involved seemed to be truly invested in what the festival represented on an artistic and human level.

Below; a performance of Brahms trio, Op.8 and a rehearsal of Beethoven string quintet, Op.29.

© Matthew Johnson Left to right: Oliver Nelson, Richard Ormrod, Rebecca Gilliver

© Matthew Johnson Left to right: Oliver Nelson, Roman Mints, Simon Browne, Meghan Cassidy, Jamie Walton